Things To Keep In Mind When Going For Semi-Permanent Makeup For Eyebrows

Since the times of the Ancient Egyptians and Romans, makeup has been prevalent in our world. Although they used more natural means of adorning themselves such as crushed stones and gems as well as other materials, today we have turned to more advanced yet artificial methods. Despite this, the beauty industry is thriving, as more new and improved products are hitting the shelves. What started out on a small-scale reserved for the wealthy and affluent in society, is today something that has become easily accessible. The newest technique is semi-permanent makeup, which comes with its own pros and cons.


Semi-permanent makeup is quite simply, exactly as its name sounds! The effects last for upto about four years, although this could be lesser depending on how you maintain it. The tattooing process is one of the best comparisons to understand how it works, as a pre-approved pigment is inserted into the dermal or topmost layer of your skin with a fine needle. For those with needle-phobia, this might not be the best idea for you! Once the colour has been put in, it requires certain aftercare procedures to ensure it lasts. Semi-permanent makeup treatments include feathering Penrith, lip treatments such as colouring/ filling in, as well as enhancing eyelashes.


The procedure is quite straightforward, although it is recommended you check every aspect before booking yourself in for an appointment. Provided you go to a reliable place, you should firstly be given a run-down of the clinic as well as introduced to the entire concept so you have a chance to familiarise yourself. Then, a few options will be discussed with regards to colour and shape, following which sketches will be drawn until you are satisfied. The final result will be done around the sketch, so ensure you take your time here no matter how impatient you may be!


When it comes to semi-permanent makeup, you exercise extra care as it is considered a rather invasive treatment although in terms of pain it is very minimal. In order to minimise any discomfort you could experience, there are certain guidelines you should follow before, during and after surgery which your linergist should educate you on. If you are planning on dermal rolling Penrith for instance, you should remember to not pluck, tweeze or apply any makeup to the area until it has fully healed.


As this is a relatively new concept, it can be steep in pricing although you could do some shopping around to secure the best deal. The idea is spreading globally, as more and more women are warming up to it, which means you can most probably find an extremely competitive rate. Ensure you run a thorough search before making your decision, and that you do not go with something too cheap as they may not do a good job.